What is Real Capital Financing and how does it work?

Loan applicants are required to complete a 10 minute online "loan questionnaire" to determine if your business is eligible or by calling a Business Financing Expert at 1 (847) 466-1145. Once the alternative loan questionnaire is complete, loan terms can be estimated and customized by adjusting the loan amount and duration to compare the costs of funding options. Once a loan applicant selects desired terms and complete the application, if your loan is approved, approved applicants will be prompted to electronically sign a financing contract that will be emailed to you and includes bank instructions so that payments can be debited weekly from your business checking account.

Is my business eligible for a loan provided by Real Capital Finance LLC?

The online questionnaire or a Business Financing Expert at 1 (847) 466-1145 will best determine if your business eligible for a Business Loan from Real Capital Finance LLC. Minimally, a business must have been in business for at least 9 months with no history of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), your business must possess documentation of generated revenue, not have any active bankruptcies, and be located within the 50 United States + DC. The business owner applying for the loan must have a FICO score of at least 550. 

Once my loan is approved, how can I get the funds?

Approved loans are transferred by the lender directly into your business bank account. If all required documentation is submitted and approved by your lender by 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays), then funding can be provided as quickly as the next business day .

How much funding is available through Real Capital Finance LLC?

Loan values provided by Real Capital Finance LLC may range from $5,000 to $1,000.000.00, all depending on your companies eligibility. One of our Business Financing Expers is standing by to assess your business and to determine your loan value eligibiity. Upon completing our loan application process, our business financing experts are able to provide estimated loan terms and will begin workng with you to tailor a loan specific to your eligibility and needs.

How do business lenders determine a businesses eligibility for a loan?

Eligibility and loan offers are based on an overall assessment of your companies health. Our lenders evaluate your businesses credit history and balance sheet to determine if your business can be approved, The lenders evaluation will determine loan values and finance rates.

What is an SBA Loan?  The SBA stands for The U.S.  Small Business Administration (SBA) . The SBA was created in 1953, and is the only cabinet-level federal agency fully dedicated to small business and provides counseling, capital, and contracting expertise as the nation’s only resource and voice for small businesses.  The SBA doesn’t invest directly into small businesses, but it does provide funding to qualified SBICs with expertise in certain sectors or industries. Those SBICs then use their private funds, along with SBA-guaranteed funding, to invest in small businesses.

What is the difference between "invoice loan factoring" and "invoice loan financing"?

Invoice loan factoring: the lender retains full control of collections

Invoice loan financing: the customer retains full control of collections


Cash Flow Friendly

We can provide you with a revenue-based, variable remittance plan with payments based on your actual sales volume and debited directly from your bank or merchant processing account on a daily or weekly basis.

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No need to have great credit. Show us steady gross income, healthy margins, or a low debt-to-income ratio to get approved immediately. We get approvals for 95% of our applicants!